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Selected praise for The Marquis: Lafayette Reconsidered

“In a sharp and moving biography, Auricchio captures the essence of the ‘French hero of the American Revolution—the Hero of Two Worlds, the Apostle of Liberty.’” 

- Kirkus (starred review) 

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“[An] excellent book.”

- Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

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“Superb....Auricchio's portrait of Lafayette will appeal to lovers of biography and history alike.”

- America Magazine

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"Describes vividly and critically the roller coaster of Lafayette's successes and failures."

- Public Books

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“An impeccably researched and compelling portrait of a man whose complex legacy is still seen very differently on both sides of the Atlantic.” 

- Andrew Curran, author of The Anatomy of Blackness: Science and Slavery in an Age of Enlightenment


“...a new look at the Revolutionary War hero, who was revered in America but scorned at times in his native France.” 

- Melissa Davis, The Seattle Times

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“A first-rate work that should appeal to history readers of all kinds.” 

- Library Journal (starred review) 

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“absorbing biography’” 

- Henrik Bering, The Weekly Standard

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 "astute and often thrilling "

- The New Yorker 

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“[A] fine biography. . .Lafayette still deserves more attention in France, but he’s found just the right American biographer in Auricchio.”

- Publisher's Weekly

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“Auricchio has managed to bring the Marquis de Lafayette back to life, replacing the rather wooden figure of legend with the real man, of great complexity and unfailing courage. An immensely rewarding book.” 

- Michael Korda, author of Clouds of Glory 


Americans know the Marquis de Lafayette as the French hero of the American Revolution.... But there’s more to him than that, as evidenced by this biography from Auricchio....” 

- Library Journal (Barbara's Non-Fiction Picks)


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“This is a fine reexamination of both the character and career of a compelling, but in some ways a sad, historical figure.” 

- Booklist 


l“a superb new biography"

- Carl M. Cannon, Real Clear Politics

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